Thankyou to Miss Rhonda Binnie principal at the Ritz Performing Arts Centre. You have allowed children of Stanthorpe, a rural community, an opportunity to experience the world of dance and performing arts. 
Our four children have all had the privilege of attending The Ritz Stanthorpe over the last 10 years in dance, musical theatre and speech and drama. Again we have success. Congratulations to our daughter Lillian Manahan on receiving distinction in diploma, ATCL Speech and Drama. 
Lillian has had success like her brother, Matthew Manahan, who is completing his final year at WAAPA in musical theatre.
Much thanks must go to all teachers of The Ritz over the last 10 years, but particularly Annalie Gilmartin and Carleon Russell. The Ritz Performing Arts Centre has not only allowed our children to progress through the years of learning through their disciplines of choice, but have been given the opportunity to sit examinations to complete their learning and reach their goals. 
As our youngest son Benjamin Manahan prepares for his examination in musical theatre grade 7, I say 'no pressure mate'. 
Really proud parents,

Jacinta and Dr. Dan Manahan, parents of 20 yr old, 19 yr old, 17yr old and 15 yr old

The Ritz Performing Arts Centre motivates young dancers to achieve their absolute best in all forms of dance! As a mum of a 12 year old dancer, I love how the Ritz instils in my daughter pride and a “can do” attitude. My child has been dancing since she was 3 ½ years old and the dedication of the Ritz teachers is second to none. The results that the students receive in their exams each year is overwhelmingly high. This in turn allows the children to believe in themselves and love what they do.


All Ritz Performing Arts dance teachers take pride in their work and devote their time to mentoring our children whilst providing professional choreography and skills for all levels.


The best thing about the Ritz for me is how the older students take care of the younger students. I love that I can leave my daughter in a safe, kind and caring environment for six lessons per week, knowing she is having fun and loving dance!


Sue - Mother of 12yr old student in Stanthorpe


"Over the 10 years I attended The Ritz Performing Arts Centre I learnt not just to dance, but also life lessons that can only come from such experienced, skilled and professional teachers. Although it was never my goal to become a dance professional, I gained poise, maturity, knowledge and independence from my time studying under Rhonda Binnie. During one of the hardest times in my (adult) life the Ritz family surrounded and supported me, although I was no longer a student. I will be forever grateful for the things I have taken away from my time at The Ritz."


Kimberley Adams - former student aged 28yrs

"On a face level, The Ritz has provided me with many lifelong friendships, and many of the skills I am using to achieve my lifegoals. Really though, my twelve years there, and it's contribution to my life goes far beyond this - it constitutes such a huge part of my upbringing and identity. It’s influence has undoubtedly helped me become a confident, happy, outgoing and fulfilled young person who is creating a successful future. I will be forever grateful to my teachers/mentors, and The Ritz as a whole for forming an environment where I could thrive and grow into who I am. The Ritz isn’t only tuition for the Performing Arts, it is tuition for life." 


Kristopher Yates - former student aged 24yrs, now professional dancer, choreographer, musician and songwriter

"My daughter has been attending the Ritz Performing Arts Centre for close to 13 years now, since her first Toddler Dance class at three years of age, and has loved every minute of it!   Her experiences through the Ritz have been many and varied, including ballet, jazz and tap classes, exams, concerts, eisteddfods, pantomimes, workshops with highly esteemed industry professionals, performances at Fetes, paid Christmas gigs at Shopping Centres and Clubs and opportunities to audition for stage productions.  Through all these experiences, I have watched my daughter grow enormously not only in her dance and performance skills, but also in confidence, self-discipline, humility and the true meaning of team work, for which I will always be grateful to Rhonda Binnie and her fabulous team of teachers at the Ritz.  Apart from the extremely high standard of tuition at the Ritz, the thing that has impressed me the most about the studio and its teachers, is that ALL students are treated equally, and given the same opportunities at all times.  And all of this with no pressure … my daughter has always felt comfortable and encouraged to follow her own path, and make her own choices.  There has always been an ethos of honesty and fairness within the disciplined teachings of the Ritz, which I believe plays a very important part in fostering not only a very healthy and well-rounded approach to their dancing/performing, but also to all other parts of their life. All of this and the fact that my daughter has made some wonderful lifelong friends, have made her time at the Ritz invaluable.  I would like to thank Rhonda Binnie and her team of inspirational teachers at the Ritz for all of this, and look forward to many more years association with this wonderful school of performing arts."


Carol -  Mother of 15 yr old

"As a teacher myself, I appreciate the excellent dance instruction that my children receive at the Ritz. The Ritz teachers are patient, attentive, and thorough, and encourage the children to give of their very best. Participating in dance at the Ritz facilitates good posture, improved organisation skills, self-confidence and self-discipline, and perhaps most importantly, provides ideal conditions for growing a supportive friendship group outside of school. I congratulate the Ritz on promoting team work over one-up-manship, and I particularly admire the no-audition policy of the Performance Team group, where everyone is accepted with open arms and no-one is eliminated based on level of talent or disability."


Naomi, Mother of 2 x 12yr olds, a 9 yr old an a 5 yr old 

"Well what can I say... Had a great group of teachers at The Ritz Performing Arts Centre to help get me there"


Robert McMillan, Queensland Ballet; Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines; Princess Cruise Lines; "Cats" - European touring Cast; Royal Symphony Orchestra Christmas Show UK

"Rhonda (Binnie) has been my teacher, mentor, employer and now friend. Over the years, Rhonda has played an important role in my life and I owe her a lot. I was very proud when my daughter became the second generation to attend the Ritz. I look forward to many more years of friendship."


Gretta, mother of 9 yr old

"My Daughter has been provided the most amazing opportunities by The Ritz, helping her to grow in all areas of her life as she experiences them. With the commitment and support of the staff, teachers and friends her love and confidence to 'dance' or 'perform' is being well nurtured. Not a dancer myself, I have found that what she learns at The Ritz has given her so much more in life. A healthy and active lifestyle, great flexibility and posture, the confidence to stand and speak in front of her class or audience and to make friends in any situation. For 6 years I have travelled over 30min's to go to The Ritz, We love it there!"


Vicki, Mother of 9 yr old