We only teach the extremely high standard CSTD Modern Jazz Syllabus and due to this, we only offer Jazz exam classes to those students who are also taking Ballet classes. The Syllabus is fantastic, but a very high standard and without the technical qualities of ballet training, we find that most students cannot attain the standard required for exams in this genre. Over the years, many of our students have gone on into professional careers including Musicals, Cruise-line Performance Contracts, Tokyo Disney, Universal Studios Japan and many others. We believe their success is partly due to the exposure that our students have on a regular basis, to professional commercial dancers currently working in the industry. These same dancers have set the choreography for our Jazz Syllabus. All of our Jazz exams Syllabi are recognised by Education Queensland and can help students who are in Yrs 11 and 12 at school with their Senior Certificates and Ops.


The experience I have had over the last 5 years at the Ritz has been nothing but Professional, Inspirational and Fun! My daughter and I have made many great friendships over the last few years and experienced many great memories, in which we look forward to many more to come. Thank you to the Ritz for always providing fantastic teachers at the highest level of tuition and for also providing a fun and caring environment in which we always feel welcome."


Christina, Mother of 9 yr old

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