Contemporary Dance is the fastest growing genre in dance all across the world and is vital for any dancer wishing to pursue a career in the performing arts. This dance form requires a dancer to make connections between breath, feeling and movement as well as building on core strength and flexibility.

2012 heralded a new nationally recognised syllabus in Contemporary, designed by Jason Winters who has studied under the likes of Mia Michaels (US SYTYCD choreographer and judge). We are proud to be one of the first schools to introduce and teach it to our students. With a minimum entry age of 8 years, Contemporary is a genre that is highly dependant on the technical strength of ballet so all students who attend this class must also attend ballet.



"As a teacher myself, I appreciate the excellent dance instruction that my children receive at the Ritz. The Ritz teachers are patient, attentive, and thorough, and encourage the children to give of their very best. Participating in dance at the Ritz facilitates good posture, improved organisation skills, self-confidence and self-discipline, and perhaps most importantly, provides ideal conditions for growing a supportive friendship group outside of school. I congratulate the Ritz on promoting team work over one-up-manship, and I particularly admire the no-audition policy of the Performance Team group, where everyone is accepted with open arms and no-one is eliminated based on level of talent or disability."


Naomi, Mother of 2 x 12yr olds, a 9 yr old an a 5 yr old 

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